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Healthcare Professionals and Bone and Joint's NAW

October 12-20 every year is the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative's National Action Week (NAW).
Promote the Initiative as widely as possible to patients, the public, and colleagues during NAW.
Many healthcare professionals and organizations develop their own materials to promote the Initiative. These include flyers with prevention tips, articles on why the Initiative is important and what readers can do to learn more about prevention and treatment, press releases.
We hope you will never let a patient leave your office without hearing about the Initiative, but most especially during National Action Week. 
Spreading awareness is the first step to accomplishing the goal of the Initiative to lower the burden of musculoskeletal disease.
To learn more about how you take full advantage of National Action Week, click here.
Key goals for spreading awareness
  • Empower patients to learn more about bone and joint conditions. 
  • Tell patients and the public about the burden of disease, the lack of funding for research, and how the burden will increase with our aging population. 
More ideas
  • Print the USBJI logo on publications, brochures, letterhead, meeting banners.
  • Hang the USBJI logo in your reception area.
  • Host a Fit to a T session at your facility,  information on how to schedule a session click here.
  • Host a Experts in Arthritis session at your facility, information on how to schedule a session click here.
  • Publish short and regular USBJI updates in your association or company publications.
  • Add "Support the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative!" to the signature line of your email messages.
  • Explain on your website what the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative means to your organization.