Health Policy Issues

MSK2020 was launched at a Town Hall Meeting on March 14, 2019 during the AAOS Annual Meeting. The issues proposed by those who attended are being tabulated, but include access to care, step therapy, the need for community-based prevention education, workplace concerns,lack of concern over care for under-represented populations, sufficient attention to disparities in healthcare delivery, affordability, time for primary care physicians to provide continued care for patients following surgery, more funding for research, clinical trial participation.

As an increasing number of suggestions are put forward, we will present them. At its meeting in June the USBJI Board will determine how suggestions are to be structured in the position paper to be presented to candidates.

Tell them about Arthritis! Tell them about Osteoporosis! Tell them about Injuries! Tell them about Back Pain!
Tell them about Children and Adolescents!

Key Challenges and Unmet Needs

Chapters in the USBJI's Burden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States: Prevalence, Societal and Economic Cost (BMUS) include sections on Key Challenges for the Future and Unmet Needs. These present issues which relate to this MSK202 campaign. Use them for reference, for ideas, to tell us which ones are of concern to you, and elaborate on them from your own experience. Which ones need to be a top priority.
Key Challenges for the Future

Unmet Needs