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The United States Bone and Joint lnitiative is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that relies on membership dues, as well as grants and contributions from industry, non-profit organizations, foundations, and individuals to coordinate its programs and activities.

USBJI Bone and Joint Alliance Membership Prospectus.pdf

Membership Benefits

  • Alliance membership listing on the USBJI website (including organization name, logo, organizational description (as supplied by the member), as well as an optional link to each organization’s website)
  • Ability to use the USBJI logo with “Member” designation
  • Opportunity to serve as part of the USBJI Bone and Joint Alliance Council (which meets at minimum twice per year and includes interactions with the USBJI Executive Council and leadership)
  • Ability to provide input to USBJI committees and task forces (including networking opportunities with members and their representatives, suggesting new members)
  • Participation in setting and advocating for musculoskeletal health priorities with administration, congressional leaders, HHS agencies, and health agency and legislative staff (as well as provision of USBJI and other data and resources to support legislation and priority setting)
  • Access to use and disseminate USBJI’s patient education programs on arthritis and osteoporosis 
  • Receive the quarterly USBJI newsletter, program reports, and announcements about USBJI and member activities (including an opportunity to highlight organizational information)
  • Invitations to briefings, press conferences, patient forums, meetings, conferences sponsored by USBJI
  • Recognition by USBJI social media platforms for significant achievements relevant to the USBJI mission

Bone and Joint Alliance membership dues support key USBJI activities including:

  • Development and execution of bone and joint awareness, education, research, and advocacy activities
  • Conduct of USBJI public education programs annually offered to communities nationwide at no charge
  • Program development such as generation of burden of disease data, interdisciplinary forums, increasing funding for research, and legislative briefings
  • Execution of Bone and Joint Health National Action Week, held October 12-20 each year
  • Meetings of the Alliance Council, task forces, and with government agencies and organizations
  • Presence, promotion, and distribution of USBJI materials at professional/community meetings, health fairs, hospitals/clinics, and schools
  • Communications vehicles such as the USBJI website and quarterly newsletter

Membership Levels

Annual dues for Bone and Joint Alliance members vary based on the sector they represent (non-profit organizations and industry), as indicated below. 

Bone and Joint Alliance Non-Profit Member ($1,000/year)

Charitable, research, and educational not-for-profit organizations that support the objectives and activities of USBJI; non-profit members:

  • are entitled to designate a representative to serve on the USBJI Bone and Joint Alliance Council
  • have an opportunity for a representative to be elected to serve as a member of the USBJI Executive Council

Bone and Joint Alliance Private Sector Member (dues vary by revenue) 

For-profit organizations that support the objectives and activities of USBJI; private sector members are entitled to: 

  • designate a representative to serve on the USBJI Bone and Joint Alliance Council (as ex-officio members)

Annual membership dues for private sector members are based on US annual revenue:

  • $25,000 (>$500M in US revenue) 
  • $12,500 (>$100M-$499M in US revenue) 
  • $5,000 (>$50M-$99M in US revenue) 
  • $2,500 (<$50M in US revenue)
USBJI Bone and Joint Alliance Membership Application.pdf