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Bone and Joint Decade Global Network Conference 2009

The USBJD hosted the annual Bone and Joint Decade Global Network Conference in 2009, October 21-24, 2009, at the JW Marriott and on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. The meeting brought together delegates from 56 countries that have formed Bone and Joint Decade National Action Networks, as well as 40 organizations that make up the U.S. Bone and Joint Decade National Action Network, many represented by their leadership.
At the time of the meeting, the Bone and Joint Decade was approaching the completion of Phase 1, the founding of a movement to raise awareness and to better educate professionals and the public about musculoskeletal health, and to increase research that will lead to improved diagnosis and treatment. As the Decade prepared for Phase 2, this meeting emphasized the progress made in the formative years of the Decade and advances in the prevention and effective management of musculoskeletal conditions. It engaged participants as advocates and to better understand the role of advocacy in advancing the mission of the Global Bone and Joint Decade, and most importantly it began the strategic planning for the future. A clear consensus emerged from the conference on the need for the Bone and Joint Decade to continue beyond 2010 (2011 in the US). At the USBJD Board meeting in December 2009, it was unanimously decided that the USBJD should continue beyond 2011.


The conference program consisted of a two-day Patient Advocacy Meeting, October 21-22, and the Global Network Conference, October 23-24, a two-day education and strategic planning meeting for health care providers, patients, patient advocates, government officials, and industry. The meeting highlighted the significant burden of disease posed by musculoskeletal conditions and why raising awareness and engaging in advocacy are important means to advance prevention and treatment.
Thursday, October 23, Advocacy Day, the program focused on raising awareness of musculoskeletal conditions on Capitol Hill. Delegates to the Patient Advocacy Meeting and the Global Network Conference were invited. Thursday evening, a reception was held at the Canadian Embassy to mark the opening of the Global Network Conference.
Meetings with congressional leaders, and officials of foreign embassies were held. A Host Committee of Senators, Congressional Leaders, Ambassadors, and influencial people concerned with musculoskeletal health was formed.
This was the most significant gathering of the United States Bone and Joint Decade and the leadership of its participating organizations as we welcomed the representatives of Bone and Joint Decade National Action Networks from around the world.
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A full report is published in the Winter/Spring 2010 edition of the USBJD Newsletter.
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