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Are You Fit to a T?

Fracture Prevention, Bone Health and Osteoporosis Education – New and Updated
The U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative is pleased to announce the new and improved version of Fit to a T. More than 900 sessions already have been presented to community gatherings across the US. Let us know if you would like to receive a presentation by an expert on bone health, fracture prevention, and osteoporosis. Healthcare providers — if you would like to offer it in your community, live, by webinar, or videoconference, let us know. Fit to a T, a public/patient education program, presents the necessary steps to understanding why bones break suddenly and apparently without warning, and how to prevent such events which can cause people, particularly older people, to lose their independence. The incidence of these fractures in the US was declining, but in recent years this improvement has reversed. Covering bone health throughout the lifespan, the new version of Fit to a T focuses especially on those at highest risk of a fracture, and how to prevent these from occurring. The presentation covers the basics of bone health and how bone quality can deteriorate as people age, or at any age due to other health factors. It covers racial and ethnic differences. It covers the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis, and fall prevention, a leading cause of fractures.
Designed to encourage greater discussion between healthcare professional presenters and participants, there is greater focus on addressing the major concerns of participants and maximizing retention of the educational messages. Fit to a T has always primarily been designed for presentation at live community gatherings, but because of COVID-19 the USBJI is offering to set up webinar presentations, led by a local expert on bone health, so community centers, senior centers and other organizations can continue to offer this important education activity to their members while at home. Some of the messages are particularly relevant at this time, as people are confined and unable to exercise and move around as freely as they would be normally. A recorded version will shortly be available as well.
The program and accompanying materials are provided at no cost, and comes with a ready-made slide set, Presentation Guide, handouts, and logistical support. Link to downloadable recorded PowerPoint Presentation: Fit to a T
The updated program is structured around six modules:
  1. Module 1: Introduction and Background on Bone Health and Osteoporosis
  2. Module 2: People at High Risk of Fracture or Who Have Already Sustained a Fracture
  3. Module 3: Fall Prevention
  4. Module 4: Screening, Prevention, Treatment
  5. Module 5: Red Flags, Ethnicity and Osteoporosis
  6. Module 6: Take-Home Messages
To find out more, and to register interest in receiving the program, email

More Bone Health Videos can be viewed at: Fit to a T Video Library

Bone Health & Osteoporosis

Weak bones can affect individuals of all ages. Knowing what a T-score is and what "bone health" means are important first steps.

About Fit to a T

A one-hour program aimed at the general public focusing on bone health, osteoporosis, and making informed decisions on bone health.

Steps to Scheduling a Session

Review our Guidelines for Organizers, find a presenter, then register a time and place. We take care of the rest.