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Project 100 - Undergraduate Musculoskeletal Education


Invitation - Fostering a Community of Musculoskeletal Educators  

Since its inception, the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI) has promoted excellence in medical education on the musculoskeletal system and diseases of the bones and joints, through a program called Project 100.  To meet this goal, the USBJI has embarked on a new effort called Project 1000, under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Bernstein.  Project 1000 will identify 1,000 local champions of musculoskeletal education throughout the country, seeking at least one faculty member at every school, all contributing to a Community of Musculoskeletal Educators. 

If you teach a subject related to musculoskeletal medicine (clinical, basic science or other) and consider this an important part or your professional life, please sign up at

By fostering a Community of Musculoskeletal Educators, Project 1000 can achieve several important objectives:  sharing best practices, exchanging educational material, and connecting faculty for discussion, research and planning.  Once Project 1000 has a critical mass, resources recommended by members to the website for review and use will be added.  You will be invited to contribute your own resources and to participate in online discussions about these topics with fellow educators. 

You will not be asked for dues; to share your email with anybody; no spam. 

Join this community and pass this request to other people at your institution to join in this important enterprise.  

Comments and questions either to Dr. Bernstein at or