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Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Too Many Children Injured Severely by Lawn Mowers

Every year too many children are injured by lawn mowers, often severely. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated an annual average of 36,000 people treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries caused by lawn mowers between 2012 and 2014, with one in five being a child. Power mowers can be especially dangerous, with children getting caught under them, in the blades, and as the recipients of stones and other debris ejected from the mower like a bullet.

This video tells the story of Chad, how a horrible accident took place and the consequences. Another story can be see here, about what happened to little Izzy Smith. Every year doctors do their best to salvage the terrible consequences of these accidents. This story explains what was done for Izzy
Most lawn mower-related injuries can be prevented by following safety guidelines. The USBJI Pediatric Specialty Group is especially concerned with this issue and has assembled a number of safety tip resources, some of which can be downloaded, posted on the kitchen refrigerator, and tied to your lawnmower. 

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