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NAW Tool Kit

Important Data

During USBJI National Action Week, reporters and producers are bound to ask you the same questions:

  • What is the Bone and Joint Initiative?
  • What exactly are musculoskeletal problems?
  • How many Americans suffer from them?
  • How much money does it cost our society?
To have quick answers handy for these and other frequent questions, please refer to the following links on the website:

Fast Facts on the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative

Data on Bone and Joint Diseases 

Mission Statement of the United States Bone and Joint Initiative 

Suggested National Action Week Activities

Corporate/association Involvement
Don't forget to promote NAW in-house. Activities can include:
  • Displaying USBJI signage throughout your office and cafeteria
  • Updating your Web site to include special NAW section
  • Offering health and bone density screenings to your employees
  • Organizing after-hour, bone-strenghtening activities and workout sessions
  • Sponsoring a raffle where winners will receive free gym memberships
Medical College/University Involvement
  • Schedule activities that will update your faculty and students on current musculoskeletal challenges, as well as members of your local community.
  • Invite experts to speak on various bone and joint disorders.
  • Partner with other local USBJI organizations to hold public symposium or health fair on bone and joint disorders.
  • Disseminate brochures and materials on campus
  • Encourage students to share information with family and friends.
  • Organize sports activities and races.