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COAMI - Summary of Work Group Activities


COAMI is a collaborative established across stakeholders to improve the delivery of OA care, with representatives from physician groups involved in musculoskeletal care, including sports and family medicine, orthopaedics, physiatry, rheumatology, and pediatrics; members of allied health groups including physical therapy, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and registered nurses; advocacy and patient groups.  To date we have completed and published systematic reviews of literature on guidelines for OA management, and of patient-reported outcome measures that could be administered realistically in a practice setting.
OA Clinical Pathways/Delivery Model Work Group (Formerly Groups 1 and 2)
Focus:  Develop OA Care Pathways and novel delivery models for prevention and optimal conservative care of OA, starting with knee OA as a focus.  
Leaders:  Kelli Allen, Ph.D.; Alexandra Page, M.D.

Work Accomplished
  • Review of OA delivery models
  • Review of OA care pathways
  • Preliminary development of liaison model for OA care delivery
Next Steps
  • Establish funding
  • Codify the assimilation of models
  • Comprehensive review of OA care pathways
  • Review and assessment of treatment implementation models in other chronic diseases
  • Development of decision node model with potential providers
  • Pilot delivery models in various clinical settings (academic, capitated care, private practice)
OA Shared Decision-Making Tools Work Group (Formerly Group 3)
Focus: Optimizing shared decision to guide OA prevention and care
Leaders:  Thomas Walsh, Ph.D., P.T.; Leigh Callahan, Ph.D.

Work Accomplished
  • Literature/expert review for SDM tools for OA
  • Comparison chart of existing OA decision tools
Next Steps/Action Plan
  • Assess the identified aids using International Patient Decision Aids Standards with the addition of cost, time, health literacy scope, and cultural competency scope
  • Determine optimal decision tool choices and location within care pathway
  • Embed patient assessment of shared decision making (e.g. CollaboRATE)
OA and Physical Activity Work Group (Formerly Group 4)
Focus:  Incorporating physical activity into the prevention and conservative treatment of osteoarthritis
Leaders:  Adrian Hutber, Ph.D.; Jim Whitehead, CEO, American College of Sports Medicine

Work Accomplished?

Next Steps
  • Further involvement of Exercise is Medicine
Revised: 10/28/15