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OA Management Conference - September 22-24, 2013

"Building a Model for Osteoarthritis Care" The Report of the COAMI Osteoarthritis Management Conference

Creating a model for the care of osteoarthritis (OA) in the United States was the focus of the Chronic Osteoarthritis Management Initiative's (COAMI) Osteoarthritis Management Conference, for which a multi-disciplinary group of 37 healthcare professional and patient representatives met in Rosemont, IL from September 22-24, 2013.

Addressing the second step in COAMI's Call-to-Action, the goal of the conference was to move toward agreement on: 1) the most productive and likely-to-succeed chronic care model approaches; 2) the outcomes and measures upon which to focus; 3) the types of interventions that can be implemented in primary care and specialty settings; 4) a research agenda to move this initiative forward. By the end of the conference, nine action steps toward building the Model for OA Care were identified. Participants formed groups to work on these action steps.

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