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Kids, Bones, Joints & Obesity - Tips for Parents and Patients, and Primary Care Providers

Kids, Bones, Joints & Obesity - Tips for Parents and Patients, and Primary Care Providers

Kids and teens suffering from obesity are at much higher risk of developing bone and joint problems. Health care providers, parents and patients should look for the following problems, as finding them early allows for better treatment and may prevent lifelong problems that can interfere with comfort and the ability to lead an active life: Pain in the Back or Hips, Bowed Legs and Knock Knees.

Download and share the Posters below. Separate posters highlight what is important to boys and to girls, and one set of posters is for Parents and Patients, and another set is for Primary Care Providers.

  • Parents - Share these with friends and neighbors, and encourage local community centers to post them, digitally and on poster boards.

  • Primary Care Providers - Share these with patients and their parents, post them in your waiting room, and digitally for other providers to use. 

For Parents and Patients


Obetenga versión en español  para padres y pacientes.

For Primary Care Providers

Obtenga versión en español  para proveedores de salud.

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Our thanks to Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Washington University School of Medicine, and Nationwide Children's Hospital for developing this year's theme and these posters.