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COACH Webinar Feedback

Please rate your level of agreement with each statement, using 1 for the lowest rating and 5 for the highest rating.
1. The information in the COACH webinar and workbook was presented effectively.
2. The information in the COACH webinar and workbook was organized well.
3. I learned concepts and skills from the COACH webinar and workbook that are useful and relevant for my work with patients.
4. I am likely to apply these concepts and skills to my work with patients.
5. Overall, I was satisfied with the webinar and workbook.
6. How familiar were you with the behavior change approaches (Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, Brief Action Planning) before listening to the webinar?
7. What was the most valuable or useful thing you learned from the webinar?
8. What was the least useful thing about the webinar?
9. Is there a topic or question that was missing or you wish were covered in more depth, or that you still have questions about?
10. What is one thing you will take from the webinar and put into practice or share with colleagues?
11. Please tell us about yourself:
12. Which race or ethnicity do you identify with (please check all that apply).
13. How did you hear about COACH and/or Experts in Arthritis?
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