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COAMI OA Model of Care Development Plan

Development Plan for creating a new Model of Care for the Management of Osteoarthritis

COAMI Development Plan - Outcome of the COAMI Steering Committee Meeting, held in April 2015.

Three Working Groups to develop the plan have been formed. The work groups are:
  1. Develop a clinic flow model or process to optimize OA care, including roles for all clinical and support personnel
  2. Establish processes to ensure continuum of care, including coordination between primary and specialty care
  3. Provide tools to facilitate shared/collaborative decision-making
Each group has selected an initial objective on which to focus. These are listed in the Development Plan under each group. 

If you are interested in being involved: Group 1, please email chair Dr. Kelli Allen directly (; Group 2, email chair Dr. Alexe Page directly (; Group 3   
The Steering Committee identified engaging primary care/family medicine providers as key in the development of this plan. Primary care providers interested in helping to develop this new model are invited to email