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Sore joints - Likely to affect you?

Joint pain limits your ability to move around the way you want. It restricts your activity at school, work, exercising, and at home or with friends when you're trying to have fun. Arthritis is a condition in which almost any joint in your body can break down, causing a lot of pain. It is also one of the most prevalent conditions - it affects one in three Americans. 
Arthritis is typically thought of as a condition affecting older people. In fact, arthritis affects all age groups, but it is true that it affects older people more. However, there are things you can do while you're younger to decrease the chances of developing the most common form of arthritis in older people, osteoarthritis.
PB&J teaches students the basics about joints and what activities can lead to arthritis. Like many things in life, joints will tend to wear down with use. Through PB&J, students learn how to prevent, stop, or delay the onset of osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis), by being aware of what will cause bones and joints to stay in better shape.